M.n Menow Mascara with 2pcs Eyebrow Pencil Longwearing Cosmetics 3D Fiber Lashes Lengthening




Brand New and High Quality

Portable size, easy to carry.

A powerful mascara for striking effects. 

Creates exceptional long, thick & curly lashes. 

No pulling, tugging or tearing when applied. 

Long wearing for smudge, flake, smear resistant. 

Features an arched wand that lifts each single lash.

2 Perfect Eyeliner Pencils for free (Brown+ Black): Smoother, more even, effortless application.


How to use:  

1. Curl your eyelashes

2. Add a layer of mascara. Hold applicator so inside curve of brush lines up with base of lashes.

3. Apply second coat to get a fuller and longer eyelashes looking if desired.

4. Quickly dry and your beautiful long thick curly eye lashes make up finished.




1*10ml Mascara+ 2 Eyeliners





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