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Product name: 8 inch G10 handle Damascus chef's knife

Blade material: 67-layer VG10 Damascus steel

Blade thickness: about 2.2MM

Handle material: G10 material + mosaic nails

Rockwell hardness after vacuum heat treatment 60±2HRC

Uses: suitable for cutting and matching of meat, fruits, vegetables and other foods

(Note: It is not advisable to chop hard objects and freeze food into ice, and do not tap the food with the knife surface to avoid damage to the knife)

Note: The above data are all measured by hand, errors cannot be avoided, please refer to the actual product. In addition, due to different production batches and the characteristics of Damascus steel, the blade pattern will be slightly different; and because the wood grain is a natural growth texture, the shadow wood grain on each knife handle will also be different, these are normal process phenomena, If you mind, shoot carefully.



Satisfy the pleasure of cutting meat

67 layer VG 10 large Maersk steel

High hardness steel



Design Highlights



G10 handle is non-slip and wear-resistant

G10 handle, non-slip and wear-resistant: The handle is made of high-hardness G10 material, finely ground and polished.

The overall appearance is elegant, non-slip, moisture-proof, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and easy to use.



Comfortable grip

Beautiful and meticulous Micro Linear handle design, the blade and handle are seamless

Welding, in line with ergonomic design, makes the grip feel more comfortable.





Maintenance method of Damascus knife

1. Do not chop bones or cut hard ingredients (such as bones, dried ingredients, frozen ingredients, shell nuts, etc.); ingredients frozen into ice need to be completely thawed before cutting.

2. Do not slap things with the blade; do not cut ingredients on hard objects. (such as on glass, ceramic, metal plate, stone, reinforced composite plate, etc.)

3. Do not sway to cut things, because the hardness of the Damascus steel knife is high, and swinging back and forth for cutting will cause uneven force on the cutting edge and cause the cutting edge to collapse.

4. Do not contact the knife with corrosive, hydrochloric acid and other items; keep away from open flames, do not soak the knife in salt water or wash the knife; after each use of the knife, please clean it with clean water, wipe it dry, and then place it in a dry and ventilated place. place.

5. In order to ensure better use effect, please choose knives with different functions to cut different ingredients.

6. If the knife is dull, please use a professional fine sharpening stone to grind it. Do not use a sharpening stone or a sharpening stick with rough particles to sharpen the Damascus knife, which will seriously damage the steel core and damage the aesthetics of the texture.

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