Eyebrow Tint 4 Tip Liquid Brow 5 Colors Pen Makeup Paint Eyebrow Liner Pen Cosmetics Waterproof Tool Microblade


Type:Eyebrow Enhancer
Model Number:COA190MB1P
Ingredient:Eyebrow pen
Size:Full Size
Country/Region of Manufacture:China

Product Features:  

Liquid eyebrow pen has waterproof , sweatproof , not blooming , automatic rotation and long lasting ,  

etc function  

Gentle strokes , rounded lines , moderate hardness refills , let you outline the nature of the eyebrow  

Rotary modeling easy to use , it can replace the refills when you use up  

Special formula can keep the makeup long-lasting  


How To Use:  

Start from the eyebrows or start on the curved eyebrows,and then gradually to shading the eyebrow liner.  

Last use the eyebrow-brush brush well after painting   


Warm Tips:   

It is liquid pen, it is convenient and save your time  

Package Contents:   

1 x Eyebrow Pencil  



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